Inventors of "UVC for HVAC" the First High Output and Super High Output UVC Germicidal Systems for Air Water and Surfaces.

Your Source – No Middlemen, Saving You Time and Money. Custom manufactured to fit your needs for less than off the shelf prices

Leaders in Energy Reduction, Chemical Free, Sustainability!

World-Renowned Disinfection Experts, Inventors, Designers, Consultants and Manufacturers, for Over 45 Years. Instrumental in Finding EPA-Reg. Disinfection Solutions for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Multiple Patents Holder EPA REG. # NV-97293

Products We Designed and Manufactured

UVC disinfection tunnel 2023

UVC disinfection tunnel

UV tunnel at Foster Farms in Calif disinfects everything going through a food processing plant

Sterilize Tanks and barrels 2023

Sterilize Tanks and barrels reduce chemicals save money

Improve sanitation before during and after with chemical free

UVC SHO Technology 2023

UVC SHO Technology

Our exclusive SHO technology emits the highest UVC output (killing power) at the lowest price

UVC Water Treatment 2023

UVC Water Treatment

Reduce chemicals, improve disinfection, UVC water treatment for Water Falls, pools, food processing and more

UVC Water Treatment Systems 2023

UVC Water Treatment Systems

WaterDisinfector™ is the first UVC water disinfection systems platform that is customizable to your OEM needs. 

UVC for HVAC 2023


Over 45 years ago we started in UVC for HVAC inventing and patenting the first High Output UVC lamps and systems. We are the technology and price leader ​

CopperDisinfector™ Patent Pending, Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Foil Tape is a chemical-free, green, and effective way to disinfect surfaces 24/7 without reapplication. For the Price of a Hamburger, you can protect your family, guests, and employees for years.

The Winery Consultancy

Unless steps are taken now to reduce energy costs, chemical pest control, (Lantern fly) which is coming) and improve sanitation, the industry may be approaching a dangerous tipping point. Recycling water and reducing chemicals and expenses in the fields and processing plants are paramount to the industry’s future success. We do not disrupt; We work with the history and talent in place at your facility.

UVC LLC Product

Our products are designed, tested and sold in the USA.
Our ozone free lamps comply with the California ozone emission requirements.

ozone free lamps 2023
ozone free lamps 2023
ozone free lamps 2023
ozone free lamps 2023

What Our Clients Say


Forrest F

I would be happy to help you grow your company and vision. Improving IAQ and reduce energy costs through UVC. Your UVC inventions will change the industry

Robert S

Brad, thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with you and bring UVC to the HVAC industry. Your invention is groundbreaking.

Norm N

To UVC, thanks for solving our water and feed sanitizing issues during the bird flu. Also reduce chemicals and increase turkey production