Leading manufacturer of UVC germicidal disinfection lamps for HVAC since 1976

EPA Company Registration # NV-97293

Our exclusive SHO technology emits the highest proven output (killing power) of any UV system on the market.


Our UV Blue *SHO UVC, 254nm Germicidal Disinfection Systems has the *Highest Rated Output, proven to kill up to 99.9% of Covid 19 Variants, flus colds and diseases.


Our exclusive UV Blue SHO Germicidal Disinfection System for HVAC to kill the germs you breathe.

Available in:

  • UV Blue SHO 14-inch T6 UVC Lamp 236 μW/cm2 @ 1 meter 16,000 hours*        
  • UV Blue SHO 24-inch T6 UVC Lamp 400 μW/cm2 @ 1 meter 16,000 hours* 
  • UV Blue SHO 32-inch  T6 UVC Lamp 550 μW/cm2 @ 1 meter 16,000 hours * 

Our products are designed, tested and sold in the USA.

All our lamps are ozone free and comply with the California ozone emission requirements.


Protect your family and employees from the next outbreak, flu or variant.
Don’t become a statistic!

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