UVC LLC is the inventor of the Plastic Encapsulated Lamp System™. It provides real world application on UVC light, with safety and performance. With several mounting options and “Quick Connect” electrical connections, our system is the most cost effective way to safely deliver Germicidal Light to your product. 


Water Treatment

The Plastic Encapsulated Lamp System™ is the only way to protect: 

  • Food processing

  • Packaging

  • HVAC coils and drain pans

  • Wet areas

  • Drinking Water

  • Pollution control

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Electronics

  • Product Storage

  • Waste treatment

  • Pet industry

  • Tropical Fish

  • Water gardens

  • and more, like customers, installers, and maintenance personal.

The ETL listed Plastic Encapsulated Water Resistant Lamps™ offers the option to place lamps directly into the liquid. Eliminates quartz sleeves. This greatly reduces the upfront cost of the installation of the UV equipment and reduces the downtime during lamp replacement. 

Cleaning of porous quartz sleeves and lamps is an expensive and damaging process. Abrasive wipes scratch the quartz sleeves and reduce the UV transmission, which in turn reduce lamp life and performance. The patented Plastic Encapsulation Process maintains peak UV transmission during lamp life. 

UVC LLC has also increased the durability of UV lamps with it’s “ROUGH SERVICE LINE OF UV LAMPS”. These lamps are called “SAFE UV LAMP™”. These lamps can tolerate rougher handling and hostile environments.