The UV Power Tube™ is the first UV sterilization system that incorporates the patented plastic encapsulated UVC lamp for superior protection against disease, mold, mildew and algae in fluid-based environments. Unlike fragile glass lamps, UVC’s plastic lamp technology means the lamp is shatter resistant and can be placed directly in fluid for simple, safe and more effective sterilization. The UV Power Tube™ is ideal for any fluid-based, air, or surface application where control of mold, mildew, and disease-causing microorganisms and odors is a must. 


  • Safe, Shatter-Resistant Plastic Tube Contamination Risk of the Fluid Environment.

  • No Expensive, Fragile Quartz Sleeves to Purchase.

  • Unlike Conventional Lamps, The UV Power Tube™ reduces Regularly Scheduled Cleaning. 

Ideal For:

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • Drinking Water Systems

  • Sewage Treatment Systems

  • Aquariums and Water Gardens

  • Food Processing

  • Water Coolers