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Since 1976, UVC LLC’s founder, Brad Hollander and UVC LLC has been the leading innovator, inventor, patent holder, consultant, and designer of germicidal, disinfection, sterilizing, sanitation products and systems. Air, surfaces, water, waste treatment, wine, food processing.

Diseases, virus, bacteria mold, algae, odor control, product packaging, green, chemical free, sustainable technologies designed, tested, and made in the USA.
“Inventor of UVC for HVAC”

Brad Hollander

Founder & Inventor

UVC LLC’s Founder and Inventor of “UVC for HVAC”, Brad Hollander, has been the leading expert in germicidal disinfection products and systems for air, surfaces, and water since 1976. The inspiration behind his life-saving technologies is simple:

“The air you breathe and the surfaces you touch are making you sick.”

Letter from the office of President

office of the president UVC LLC 2023

Inventor of UVC for HVAC”

Surface and air disinfection systems for COVID SARS-19 and other diseases

CopperDisinfector™ patent pending, 24/7 chemical free, green, EPA Reg. Peel N Stick Antimicrobial Copper

⦁ Disinfect surfaces including, handrails, tabletops, bed rails, bathroom hardware, doors handle fixtures and more. (For Touch Surfaces)

⦁ Hospitals, cruise ships, food service, hotels, offices, restaurants, busses, and more can benefit by these products.

⦁ This ground-breaking low-cost surface disinfection technology is easy to install, low cost and an industry-first. www.copperdisinfector.com

⦁ Other industries and products including:

⦁ UV/ ozone/ advanced oxidation, PCO and other disinfection treatment systems for hospitals, health care to combat HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections).

⦁ Homes, offices, schools cruise ships, food processing, packaging, pharma, clean rooms, restaurants, hotels, casinos.


Brad has developed and patented products to disinfect air, water, food processing and surfaces for over 45 years.

Independent consultant to fortune 500 companies OEM’s, distributors, manufacturers to develop, manufacture, innovative disinfection, antimicrobial, sanitation products for air, fluids, surfaces, COVID, food & fluid processing.

UVC LLC offers consulting services to meet the ever-changing disinfection and regulatory compliance environment.

UL Member, consultant, voting member and Chairman of UL regulatory committees for horticulture lighting (Photobiological Hazards UL 8800 for US, IEC and Canada).

⦁ Developed safety protocols and systems for the grow industry to provide employees a safe environment from harmful UV and HEV Blue light radiation from grow lights.

⦁ Working with US, Canada and other countries to adopt and educate about the hazards of grow lights.

⦁ Invented low-cost solar systems for residential and commercial buildings.

⦁ Invented heat recovery systems for HVAC and water systems.

⦁ Co-wrote the existing safety and application protocols for UV and germicidal light standards with IUVA over 20 years ago.

⦁ Consultant as an expert witness in patent and product liability cases.

⦁ Brad and UVC LLC has invented, patented, developed, manufactured, engineered, and sold products and systems in the UV, germicidal disinfection industries. Patented and manufactured the first UVC, HO, VHO and SHO germicidal disinfection lamps.


Founded Factory Electronics, an electronics design company for UV germicidal ballasts and disinfection lamps and systems.

⦁ Invented the modern UVC germicidal treatment system for HVAC, air disinfection, “Kill on the Fly” and surface disinfection.

1980 to 1984

Developed and manufactured the first High Output UVC lamp disinfection system for air, fluids, coil treatment and surface disinfection.

⦁ Developed products with copper and other materials for surface disinfection.

⦁ Invented and patented the first high output, low pressure UV-C germicidal disinfection lamps for HVAC, surface treatment, water treatment and waste treatment.

⦁ Developed the first electronic ballast for UVC disinfection lamps.

⦁ Developed deployable aircraft drop or “haul in” isolation tents for germ warfare, outbreaks, pandemics and bioterrorism.

⦁ Developed the first battery powered/solar powered portable UV-C water treatment system for deployment and epidemics.

⦁ Developed a 12 DC volt (and battery powered) UVC water treatment system for emerging countries and emergency situations.


Founded Steril Aire Inc.  Chairman of the board and head of research and development. Steril Aire Inc. 

⦁ Acquired 2M private funding and grew the company.

⦁ Developed all Steril Air products until he sold the company to his employees in 1998.


⦁ Founded UVC LLC, a development, technology, manufacturing, and consulting group.

⦁ Created to develop, manufacture, consult and private label products for the UV disinfection germicidal, sterilizing industries worldwide.

⦁ Signed a 7-year contract with International Environmental Corp. to develop, manufacture and private label, UV disinfecting and sterilization products for IEC, Carrier, REEM, RUUD, Williams and other companies in the HVAC industry.

⦁ Developed, patented, and manufactured the first Waterproof Submergible Shatter Proof ETL UL listed UVC germicidal disinfection, sanitation lamps and systems.

⦁ Developed products for the food processing, HVAC, water treatment, waste treatment.

⦁ Pharmaceuticals industries and clean rooms.

⦁ Developed and manufactured the first “Food Grade Safe” UVC disinfection system.

⦁ Developed, manufactured, consulted, and installed UVC disinfection systems for the poultry wine, beef, fruit, and nut industries. Also, food processing industries including packaging, sanitation, air, water, waste treatment, raw, cooked, and frozen foods.

⦁ Developed, patented, and manufactured the first, High output UVC lamps systems, ballasts, and rough service line of UVC disinfection lamps.

⦁ Developed and manufactured the first self-cleaning line of UVC disinfection lamps for water, wastewater, air, and surface markets.

⦁ Developed and manufactured a complete line of electronic ballasts technologies, named Smart Ballast Technology™.

⦁ Developed the first cold environment UVC disinfection, sanitation system that operates to -40 degrees F for the food processing industry.


⦁ Developed and installed UVC ozone disinfection systems for the wine and beer industry.

⦁ Developed and introduced to the White House and the Defense dept. the TK911 for Anthrax protection of postal workers after the 9/11 attack on our homeland. (The first “Trap and Kill” system that worked for Anthrax)

⦁ Consulted, developed, and manufactured disinfection and sterilization products and controls for water treatment, waste treatment, food processing, product packaging, pollution control and disinfection of equipment and systems. Foster Farms, Petaluma farms and many others.

⦁ Consulted, developed and manufactured “Green Technologies” systems for water treatment, pollution control, sewage treatment and surface disinfection industries by using copper and other intervention technologies.

⦁ Developed systems using ozone and advanced oxidation.

⦁ Developed UV and packaging sterilization systems for the food, Pharma and packaging industries to increase shelf life of products

⦁ Developed UVC AOP Ozone and Advanced Oxidation systems for the swimming pools primary and secondary sanitation.


Consulted with companies to improve water and product quality using UVC Ozone AOP Advanced Oxidation treatment systems.

⦁ Developed systems to increase shelf life and reduce and food poisoning cases for:

⦁ Fish industry

⦁ Poultry and food processing industry

⦁ Beef

⦁ Seafood

⦁ Beverage

⦁ Wine

⦁ Retail frozen food industry

⦁ Fruit and vegetable industry

⦁ Water garden industry

⦁ Pharmaceutical industry

⦁ Horticulture industry

⦁ Clean rooms


Developed the first high power FAR UV Light Engine Disinfection System from 200 to 222 nm.

Safe for persons eyes and skin but kills disease causing germs

⦁ Founded UV Testing Labs LLC™  N.I.S.T. Certified Testing Lab

⦁ Test UV, ozone, advanced oxidation, lamps and systems

⦁ To prequalify the performance of UV disinfection systems and to comply with UL, ETL, CSA, IEC and CE regulations for UV, Ozone, EMC, RF and other regulatory compliance issues.

⦁ Hired as a consultant to a start-up company Healthy Sole LLC, to design, test and develop a new shoe sole UVC disinfection system.

⦁ Designed the first residential shoe sole disinfection system 2014.

⦁ Developed first commercial shoe sole disinfection systems for Hospitals, Pharma, Labs, Food processing, Packaging areas, Clean rooms and the Agriculture industry.

⦁ Received several patents in the US and worldwide.

⦁ Developed the best odor and disinfection control system for medical, burn wards, grow, pet, reptile, and other industries using UVC LLC’s exclusive Advanced Oxidation Technologies.


Horticulture industry, developed a patent pending Safety Lens Technology tm solution to eliminate up to 99% of harmful UV and HEV Blue light radiation from grow lights, while at the same time letting essential light through to the plants.

⦁ Puts grow houses in compliance for the first time by controlling UV and HEV Blue light radiation “At the Source” and complies with new OSHA, UL CSA and IEC standard in the US and around the world. SGL products works on many fixture models and can be retrofitted to existing installations.

⦁ Developed the first handheld, N.I.S.T. traceable, radiometer for the grow industry. It measures light hazards in UV and HEV Blue light range from 200 to 500 nm, confirming the room’s safety and proving mandatory compliance with regulations.


UL STP Voting member, chairmen Consultant UL 8800 & 8802

Voting STP member, consultant, chairmen of  the new rules and regulations for UV, photobiological, safety and application standards of UV and other light spectrums across all industries. US, Canada, Europe, UL, ETL, CE, IEC, CB.

⦁ Brad was appointed as a voting member of the UL (Underwriter Labs) Standards Committee (STP), which fast tracked new horticulture lighting standards UL 8800 including those that became law.

⦁ He is a co-writer and the lead expert for light exposure safety protocols (Photobiological hazards) for the grow and UV industries.

⦁ Brad was appointed Chairmen to the TG (Task Group) for UL 8800 expanding the current regulations for Photobiological Hazards of UV and infrared light.


A leading expert and consultant in the fields of disinfection, sanitation, sterilization and control of virus, bacteria, pandemics, outbreaks, diseases, molds, and spores using UV and other disinfections processes for air, surfaces, water, food processing, and manufacturing.

⦁ Presented solutions to mitigate and control COVID-19, SARS to the DOD Military and various other agencies.

⦁ Working with building owners, developers, architects, tenants, to disinfect buildings and spaces during the outbreak and after.  

⦁ Developed new systems to disinfect N95 face mask and PPE’s for the healthcare industry.

⦁ Developed disinfection systems for first responder, transportation systems, autos and ambulances.

⦁ Consulting with several companies to design and distribute disinfection products for hospitals, health care, offices and homes in the US and Canada for COVID 19, SARS

⦁ Participating with several “Think Tanks” in various industries to bring good science practices to the medical industry and building industry for disinfection of COVID SARS- 19 and other air and surface disinfection processes now and into the future.

⦁ Developed a chemical free disinfection, sanitation, anti-viral, bacterial systems that disinfects Touch Surfaces, air and surfaces 24/7. A breakthrough product.

⦁ Developed simple decontamination processes for homes, offices, healthcare, and military at a price point everyone can afford.

⦁ Applied for several new patents for disinfection processes for surface disinfection for COVID and other diseases.

⦁ Working with building owners and heath care professional to mitigate the future legal exposure.  

⦁ UVC LLC became one of the few EPA registered companies for Antimicrobial products.


Brad has several patents and patents pending worldwide in fields of UV and other disinfection processes and products.

                        EPA Number Assignment for UVC LLC