CES 2022 Puts More Eyes on Germicidal Disinfection Technology

What consumers should know about this growing field

Despite surging Covid-19 cases across the country fueled by the Omicron variant, the “most influential tech event in the world,” CES 2022, kicked off Wednesday in Las Vegas. With both an in-person and virtual option, and a shortened schedule due to the ongoing pandemic, it is no surprise that disinfection technology is getting a lot of eyes this year.

From humanoid robots to UV air purifiers for bus and coach cabins, technologies to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, like our UV Blue SHO for HVAC and CopperDisinfector, are in high demand.

So what is germicidal disinfection technology? And how can you, as a consumer, navigate it safely?

To start, this type of technology has been a proven way to kill germs both in the air, and on touch surfaces, since the 1900s. Unlike chemical disinfectants, products like our UVC 254nm germicidal lights are green, EPA-approved and powerful enough to kill the germs that cause flus, colds and other viruses, including COVID-19 and its variants.

It is most widely used in HVAC systems, water treatment systems, labs, hospitals, and isolation rooms, but can also benefit schools, community centers, or even the average consumer when installed correctly.

Buyer Beware!

There are a lot of companies working to cash in on the UV and disinfection craze. False advertising is a real problem, as many products are made in foreign countries with little to no oversight, then resold or rebranded here in the US.

UVC LLC helped develop the testing protocols for this industry more than 25 years ago and since we’ve been developing and manufacturing our products in-house, here in the US since 1976, rest assured you’re getting the highest quality at the lowest price.

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