Five Reasons Your HVAC Needs UVC Germicidal Lights

“The Air You Breathe is Making You Sick”

COVID-19 and the Omicron pandemic sounded the alarm about airborne viruses and bacteria.  Health experts are already saying the next pandemic could be even more lethal. Now, as the Delta and Omicron variants cause COVID cases to surge to new levels across the country, there is a renewed focus on keeping people safe, especially those in particularly vulnerable populations.  There is also renewed attention surrounding disinfection methods like UVC 254 nm germicidal disinfection lights. 

As UVC LLC’s founder, and inventor of “UVC for HVAC”, I know firsthand this is a proven layer of protection for businesses, hospitals, community organizations and consumers looking to fend off a wide array of airborne illnesses.  We’ve been the leading developer and manufacturer of UVC germicidal disinfection lamps, systems for HVAC and touch surfaces, since 1976. 

But do UV lights for HVAC really work?

The simple answer— yes. When used correctly in an HVAC system, UVC germicidal lights can kill 99.9% of microorganisms in the air you breathe, and those living on HVAC air ducts and evaporator coils

Here are five reasons your HVAC needs our UV Blue SHO ™ germicidal disinfection system.

The air you breathe is making you sick 

It is this fact that guides our work at UVC LLC. The American Lung Association is clear that bacteria and viruses that travel through the air “spread colds, influenza, tuberculosis and other infectious agents” when inhaled.  Think of when someone sneezes or coughs.  Those droplets are filled with viruses and bacteria that scatter in the air and end up on a multitude of everyday touch surfaces. Crowded conditions, poor air circulation and poorly-maintained building ventilation systems can all help bacteria, mold and viruses thrive. 

UV lights have a history of germ-killing power 

There are several types of UV light, but UVC 254 nm light is most effective and EPA approved to kill germs. UVC 254 nm has been used to disinfect surfaces, air, and liquids and it’s been around since the 1940s. Hospitals started using it to control airborne infectious diseases and took a renewed interest during the 1990s. I developed the first UVC system in 1976 for modern HVAC systems to combat airborne diseases and drug-resistant “superbugs.”

More recently, UVC 254 nm light has been proven to effectively and safely inactivate airborne human coronaviruses like Covid 19 and its variants.

Our UV Blue SHO Technology has the highest killing power at the lowest cost

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