UVC LLC™ “Inventors of UVC for HVAC” since 1976

EPA Registered company

Differentiation and innovation is our middle name. There is no middleman. We are the source!

“New Technologies Must Meet Financial and Performance Needs to be Viable”

“Inventors of UVC for HVAC”

World-renowned disinfection expert, inventor, patent holder, designer, consultant and manufacturer, Brad’s expertise was most recently instrumental in finding an effective EPA-Reg. disinfection solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. www.uvcllc.com

We focus on ROI, ease of use, and train your team to maintain them, lowering your costs

Protecting guests and employees from the next outbreak is a concern for every business. Don’t get shut down again and reduce sick days.


Sky rocking energy costs and the push for energy conservation is the new reality.

We have over 40 years’ experience “Thinking Out of The box”


instrumental in the writing of UL Regulatory Standards 

Consultant, Chairman, Voting member to UL since 2018 co-wrote standards for (Underwriters Labs, STP Standards Committees) 

Co-wrote existing safety and application protocols for UV, germicidal light standards with IUVA over 20 years ago

Technology leaders in the fields of UVC Disinfection, Touch Surface, green tech, chemical free, substantiable, technologies, designed, assembled, and sold here in the USA. For over 45 years. We also partner with other suppliers when we don’t have a solution.


Inventors of the modern day UVC disinfection germicidal technologies. obtaining many patents in the fields of air, water, surfaces, food processing beverage and hospitality industries.


The first to lower prices of UVC germicidal, sterilization systems and installations due to our vertical integration.


Developed EPA Reg. UVC and CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Copper products for bacteria, SARS, COVID-19, pathogens, Flus, Colds, molds, and other human and plant Diseases.





The pool industry 


Unless steps are taken now to reduce energy costs, chemical pest control and improve sanitation, the industry may be at approaching a dangerous tipping point 

Need to recycle water, reduce chemicals and costs in the fields and processing plants is paramount to the future successes of the industry.


The pool industry is a traditional industry, rich in history and elegance. This is threatened by the new normal.  Higher energy costs, upcoming regulations lower margins, and green mandates.


The industry needs to make changes, to stay profitable.

Maintain all the rich history and proven methods of the past few hundred years.


This is what Mr. Hollander is acutely aware of.


We do not disrupt; We work with the history and talent in place at your facility.


New technologies are generally expensive, Brad has spent a lifetime breaking this barrier.

“UVC LLC is the Source” consulting, design, manufacturing.

 No Middleman.


Community effort, to protect the history of the business and way of life into the future.

Leasing, renting, sharing equipment, and technologies whenever possible.


New low-cost Touch Surfaces Disinfection Technology.


Copper Disinfector™


One of our newest innovations is our Copper Disinfector™ – a patent-pending, tested, and proven antimicrobial copper tape that disinfects touch surfaces 24/7. It’s chemical-free, green, and effective against bacteria and other pathogens. Best of all, it lasts for years and costs under $20!

Patent pending, tested, proven, chemical free Antimicrobial Copper tape, green, disinfects Touch Surfaces 24/7. Up to 99.9%* Handrails, doorknobs, counter tops and more. 

Food processing, beverage, homes, offices, healthcare, and military at a price point everyone can afford.

99.9% effective against bacteria* and other pathogens www.copperdisinfector.com

UVC LLC became one of the few EPA registered companies for antimicrobial non-chemical products








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Brads history short version



Do you have old controllers no one knows how to fix, find parts or update them?

We can

He has been instrumental in the writing of regulatory standards in the UV disinfections sterilization industries. Consultant, Chairman, voting member to UL (Underwriters labs) for UL 8800 and photobiological hazards regulatory committee. 

Co-wrote the existing safety and application protocols for UV and germicidal light standards with IUVA over 20 years ago

Independent consultant for companies and manufacturers to develop innovative disinfection products in the HVAC, COVID and other diseases, food, beverage, surface, water, Bio-terrorism and waste treatment, visitor and employee protections.

Consultant to reduce energy, greener options, reduce chemicals and reduce costs Invented low-cost solar systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Invented heat recovery systems for HVAC and water systems.


Founded Factory Electronics, an electronics design company for UV germicidal and disinfection lamps and systems.

Invented the modern UVC germicidal treatment system for HVAC, air disinfection, “Kill on the Fly” and surface disinfection.

1980 to 1984

Developed and manufactured the first High Output UV-C lamp disinfection system for air, fluids, coil treatment and surface disinfection.

Developed products with copper and other materials for surface disinfection.

Invented and patented the first high output, low pressure UV-C germicidal disinfection lamps for HVAC, surface treatment, water treatment and waste treatment.

Developed the first electronic ballast for UV-C disinfection lamps.

Developed deployable aircraft drop or “haul in” isolation tents for germ warfare, outbreaks, pandemics and bioterrorism.

Developed the first battery powered/solar powered portable UV-C water treatment system for deployment and epidemics.


Founded Steril Aire Inc. and acted as Chairman of the board and head of research and development. Steril Aire Inc. became a leader in HVAC UV-C sterilization for HVAC air and coil treatment.

Acquired 2M private funding and grew the company.

Developed all Steril Air products until he sold the company to his employees in 1998 to peruse his vision.


Founded UVC LLC, a technology company created to develop, manufacture, consult and private label products for the UV and germicidal sterilizing industries worldwide.

Signed a 7-year contract with International Environmental Corp. to develop, manufacture and private label UV disinfecting and sterilization products for IEC, Carrier, REEM, RUUD, Williams and other companies in the HVAC industry.

Developed, patented and manufactured the first Waterproof/ Submergible Shatter Proof ETL listed UV-C germicidal lamp and system.

Developed products for the food processing, HVAC, water treatment, waste treatment, pharmaceuticals industries and clean rooms.

Developed, manufactured, consulted and installed UV-C disinfection systems for the poultry industry and food processing industries including packaging, sanitation, air, water, waste treatment, raw, cooked and frozen foods.

Developed the first cold environment UV-C disinfection system that operates to -40 degrees F for the food processing industry. 


Developed and introduced to the White House and the Defense dept. the TK911 for Anthrax protection of postal workers after the 9/11 attack on our homeland. (The first “Trap and Kill” system that worked for Anthrax)


Consulted, developed, and manufactured disinfection and sterilization products and controls for water treatment, waste treatment, food processing, product packaging, pollution control and disinfection of equipment and systems. Foster Farms, Petaluma farms and many others.

Consulted, developed and manufactured “Green Technologies” systems for water treatment, pollution control, sewage treatment and surface disinfection industries by using copper and other intervention technologies.


Developed UV and packaging sterilization systems for the food, Pharma, and packaging industries to increase shelf life of products

SARS and Covid-19 

Consulted with numerous companies worldwide to design and distribute disinfection products for hospitals, health care, offices and homes in the US, Europe, and Canada 

A leading expert and consultant in the fields of disinfection and control of virus, bacteria, mold and spores using UV and other disinfections 

Presented solutions to mitigate and control COVID SARS-19 to the DOD and various other agencies.

Participated with several “Think Tanks” in various industries to bring good science practices to the disinfection, food processing, beverage and building industries for disinfection and remediation of COVID 19 and other contagious pathogens.

Developed a chemical free disinfection system that disinfects Touch Surfaces, 

Working with building owners, developers, architects, tenants, to disinfect buildings and spaces during the outbreak and after.  

Developed new systems to disinfect N95 face mask and PPE’s for the healthcare industry.

Developed disinfection systems for first responder, transportation systems, autos and ambulances.


Developed simple decontamination processes for homes, offices, healthcare, and military at a price point everyone can afford.

Working with building owners and heath care professionals to mitigate legal exposure.


Copper Disinfector™

Developed and tested a chemical free disinfection system that disinfects Touch Surfaces 24/7 breakthrough product. CopperDisinfector 

Developed simple decontamination processes for homes, offices, healthcare, and military at a price point everyone can afford.

Applied for several new patents for disinfection processes for surface disinfection for COVID and other diseases.

UVC LLC became one of the few EPA registered companies for antimicrobial products.