Our Customer Feedback

Forrest F

I would be happy to help you grow your company and vision. Improving IAQ and reduce energy costs through UVC. Your UVC inventions will change the industry

Foster Farms Jim K

Brad, Thanks for working with us over the years improving the sanitation of our production facilities and farms. Your UVC technology, energy savings products and consulting has been beneficial across our company.

Robert S

Brad, thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with you and bring UVC to the HVAC industry. Your invention is groundbreaking.

Larry Jewell President International Environmental

We Have worked with UVC and Brad Hollander for over 10 years as a consultant and supplier of UVC Germicidal systems for the HVAC industry. Through their Efforts they revolutionized the UV germicidal industry for indoor environments. Not only through technology but Also Products they supply to us

Lou Elgers

Thank you for all your assistance in reducing allergies and energy Cost for Herb Albert’s home in Malibu Calif. He hired many consultants over the years, and you were the only one that solved his issues. Thank you.

Warren Shoulders Present Williams Company,

I have Work with Brad and UVC LLC for many years. They have consulted and supplied us with Cutting Edge disinfections systems To The HVAC industry. Reduce, diseases transmitted through Air and reduce energy costs by improving the efficiency of HVAC systems. He also developed systems to reduce maintenance and improve air quality

Norm N

To UVC, thanks for solving our water and feed sanitizing issues during the bird flu. Also reduce chemicals and increase turkey production