Products We Designed and Manufactured



UVC Tunnel

This is a UV tunnel at Foster Farms in Calif disinfects everything going through a food processing plant

UVC Germicidal Energy

Improve sanitation before during and after with chemical free
Installing UVC LLC’s Germicidal Disinfection System on HVAC reduces energy costs.

UVC SHO Technology

Our exclusive SHO technology emits the highest proven output (killing power) of any UV system on the market. UV Blue SHO UV disinfection systems not only kill germs in the “Air You Breath” but also reduces molds and other organic matter growing on your HVAC coils. As little as 2 thousandths of an inch (.002) can reduce cooling and heating efficiently as much as 9% or more. (Carrier energy study). The HVAC system’s efficiently is greatly reduced by growth on the coils.

Antimicrobial Peel-N-Stick Tape Rolls

Proven Long Life: Over 2 Years and 300,000 Uses Disinfecting Doors 
of Businesses.

Dirty Truth:

The surfaces you touch can make you sick!
CopperDisinfector™ can be used in all surfaces to reduce bacterial pathogens up to 99.9%

CopperDisinfector™ Phone Sticker

If recent years have taught us anything, all surfaces have more bacterial disease-causing microbes than we imagine! A research study at the University of Arizona found that the average cell phone has 10x the number of bacteria as a toilet seat! Protect your health – Disinfect your phone with USA Made, Recycled, Green, chemical-free, proven Patent Pending, CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Copper Peel-N-Stick Phone Sticker.