UVC LLC™ Consultants, Designers, Manufacture

“Inventors of UVC for HVAC” Since 1976

EPA Registered Company Differentiation and innovation is our middle name. There is no middleman. We are the source!

World-renowned UVC disinfection experts, inventor, patent holder, designer, consultant, and manufacturer. UVC LLC’s expertise was most recently instrumental in finding effective EPA-Reg. disinfection solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. www.uvcllc.com

UVC LLC is the oldest vertically integrated UV disinfection, company UV, ozone and AOP.
“One Stop Shop”

We are the source, manufacture, designer, consultant of UV lamps, ballasts, and systems.
Reduce the risk of outbreaks and legal exposure
Protect your guest, employees, and your family
Green, chemical free, sustainable, accelerated ROI

The first to lower prices of UVC germicidal, sterilization products and systems due to our vertical integration and experience.

Developed EPA Reg. products UVC and CopperDisinfector™ Antimicrobial Copper products for reduction of bacteria, SARS, COVID-19, pathogens, Flus, Colds, molds, and other human and plant diseases
UVC LLC Designs, tests, assembles manufactures, and sells in the USA.

Patented the first High Output, and Super High Output UVC germicidal disinfection lamps, ballasts and systems.

Inventors of the modern day UVC disinfection germicidal technologies. Obtaining many patents in the fields of air, water, surfaces, food processing, beverage, medical and hospitality industries.
UVC LLC can evaluate one or more parts of your project. Design, test, evaluate and manufacture of ballasts, low pressure, medium pressure and high-pressure UV lamps and systems 1 watt to 25,000 watts.
Technology leaders in the fields of UVC and Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surface disinfection. Green, chemical free, substantiable, retrofittable energy reduction technologies,

N.I.S.T. testing labs. UVC LLC tests, in house, lamps, ballasts and systems
Sky rocking energy costs energy is the new reality.
We have over 40 years’ experience reducing energy costs in HVAC, processing plants, cold storage, and other systems.
Compliance with industry, regulatory and customer statues
Facilitating UL/ETL/CB/CSA/CE/FCC/ CARB certification.

CO- wrote UL/ IEC Regulatory Standards
Consultant, Chairman, Voting member to UL since 2018 for (Underwriters Labs, STP Standards Committees for UV, germicidal, horticulture, photobiological systems and safety standards)